About us
KDP prides itself on giving its customers the ultimate stress free solution to any fibre optic project. We are passionate about optical fibre and we strive to remain the leaders in this field.
With many people thinking that a few days on a fibre course and they are an expert, we know how far from the truth this is. To get the reliability out of fibre, it must be handle by experienced professionals, prepared to the highest of cleanliest, spliced by the latest fusion splicing technology and tested by calibrated equipment at industry specified parameters.
With a proven history working with some of Australia’s largest companies, and carrying out some of the most complex fibre jobs in the most extreme environments, we are confident that our team can get the job done.
If you would like to partner with KDP on your next venture, then forward details of your project to our office and we can tailor a solution to get you ahead of the competition.