Past projects
Silcar Comms 2008-2013

Contact: Allan Graham, Supervisor.
NBN Installations fibre splicing testing and commissioning
installations of Cmux/Isam projects and associated fibre works in Townsville to Cairns
FTTP- Install test and commission of Fibre to The Home estates, Riverside Ridge, Sanctum, Liberty Rise, Bluewater.

Mt Carlton Mine – North Queensland 2013

Contact: Tony Richards, Mark Durrington.
Coast to Coast Power – Aerial fibre optic installation OPGW
Pan Process – Ergon Utility terminations and OPGW augmentation
Evolution Mining – Emergency repairs to fibre optics

NBN Co – 2012-2013

Contact: Julie Mathieson
Installation of NBN Co active equipment into 500 homes in the Townsville area
Augmentation of existing fibre network to cater for Multiple domestic NBN links

Ergon Energy- Downer EDI

Contact: Andrew Sheppard
Fibre optic splicing and testing of first release sites in Townsville
Terminating of AGL and LJL optical fibre enclosures on the Local network
Terminating of DJL optical fibre enclosures on the Transit and distribution network

Monodelphous and MIE 2009-2010
Contact: Adrian De Daunton, Supervisor. Ph: 0458 800 103
Abbott Point Coal Terminal- Splicing and testing of 6 core multimode fibres to 3.3kv cubicles,
Installing harsh environment patch panels and fibre optic equipment.
Extending existing 6 core multimode cables to new high voltage substation
John Holland Group 2010
Contact: Damien Natho, Electrical Superintendent. Ph:07 3867 7204
Abbot Point Coal Loading Facility- Optical Fibre testing, terminating and commissioning on
ship loader HV/Fibre composite cable and communication links.
Trackson 2007-2009
Contact: Ian Driver, Manager. Ph: 07 4045 8000
Installation of 10 Estate telephony and broadband infrastructure projects and associated
fibre works in Cairns, Tablelands and Weipa.
Jointing testing and commissioning of FTTP estate in Cairns Bluewater
Boreen Point to Pamona to Rainbow Beach optical fibre jointing, testing of over 130km of
cable and exchange work
Optical Fibre Cutovers: (The process of jointing live fibre cables to alternate fibre paths due
to road upgrades, bridge replacements, damaged cables and washouts.)
Mackay to West Hill 24 fibre trunk up to 90km
Cairns to Innisfail. 22 fibre Trunk cable up to 80km
Emerald to Tiari Exchange
Daragee Exchange to remote scads
Northern Territory Roper River to Nulumbuy 6 core fibre

Transfield 2007-2008
Contact: Mick Wellington, Manager. Ph: 0418 612 546
Installation of 40 Cmux/Isam projects and associated fibre works throughout Townsville,
Cairns, Tablelands and Mt Isa

Other Fibre clients 2008-2009

Bruman Rigging
Contact: Graham Bruman, Owner. Ph: 0439 883 520
Townsville Exchange to Hubert st
Joint, test and commission of 120 core cable and HDODF
Kirwan to Gulliver IEN
Joint, test and commission of 120 core cable and HDODF and OFDP
Tangar Boring
Contact: Gary Roser, Owner. Ph: 07 4728 4229
Fibre Cutover over Palleranda to Townsville IEN
Fibre Cutover over Castletown Shopping Centre

If we could assist you in the future on any planned or emergency works, please do not hesitate to contact us.