Fibre Testing
Testing of optical fibre links are carried out by the use of an Insertion Loss Test Set as well as an OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer). These two tests are required to prove correct continuity and also that each splice and connector has the minimum amount of loss.
A Passive Optical Network (PON) tests working fibre optic cable over multiple wavelengths. This is generally used for FTTP such as Telstra Velocity estates and the NBN Co rollout.
Other tests that can be used for quick analysis is a visual fault locator. This tool emits a red light that can be seen up to 10km down an optical fibre cable
When gathering all the data from various forms of testing it is often collated in a ‘Fibre Workbook’. This analysis software can determine if the fibre link is acceptable.
If your project requires optical fibre testing and analysis of test results then forward details to